The TODAY Show Visits Jackson Hole’s Backyard

After an unusually rainy weekend here in Jackson Hole, tomorrow should be particularly spectacular. With this latest moisture, the aspen trees and wild flowers are popping and a verdant glow of fresh foliage will cover the landscape.

So tomorrow Yellowstone National Park should be putting on a good show for the filming of the TODAY show in Yellowstone National Park.

(Click here for the live web cam at Yellowstone). Above Photo:TODAY anchors Willie Geist, Natalie Morales, Matt Lauer and Al Roker. Photo courtesy NBC.

As part of TODAY’s Great American Adventure, the cohosts of the TODAY show will kick off today in Hawaii at the Royal Hawaiian Resort in Honolulu. Next stop tomorrow – our own Yellowstone National Park (the first national park in the US) at the historic Old Faithful Inn.

Old Faithful Inn is home to the most famous geyser in the world, Old Faithful. Named in 1870 during the Washbrun-Langford-Doane Expedition for its fairly predictable performance. The geyser erupts about every 90 minutes so the morning show should catch a faithful performance to display to the world.

Tomorrow’s show will highlight why Yellowstone is so special. As someone who lives in Jackson Hole, Yellowstone is literally in our back yard. Yet each weekend I go there I am stunned by it’s beauty and diversity. The main reason the park was established in 1872 is the enormous number of geysers that are here. The public was fascinated by their beauty and mystery and still is today.

As one of the only nearly intact, natural ecosystems, Yellowstone is much more than geysers. It is home to wolves, grizzly bears, moose elk and bison. A visit to Yellowstone almost always rewards one with a wildlife viewing. The grand canyon of Yellowstone is a 24-mile long canyon with dramatic gushing waterfalls. Yellowstone Lake is the largest freshwater lake above 7,000 feet and is at nearly 400 feet deep at its deepest spots.

An entire week in Yellowstone will only allow you to scratch the surface of this diverse wonderland.

From Yellowstone, the TODAY show hosts will travel to Chicago, Orlando and finally the Jersey shore.

Kids Learn Outside the Classroom | Jackson Hole Public Schools Offer Winter Program

On most school days my 4th grader is not terribly excited to hop out of bed and jump on the bus for a full day of learning, but today is different.

For 6 weeks in early 2014 all the kids who go to our public grade school here in Jackson Hole, WY, get to participate in a program called Winter Sports. Each 3rd – 5th grader chooses between downhill skiing, Nordic skiing, ice-skating and snowboarding for instruction 1 day a week.

So on this particular Wednesday, Ben is up before dawn packing up his skis, boots, poles, backpack, camelback, helmet, coat, hat, gloves, snow pants, neck gaiter, power bar, Gatorade– whew – and Go Pro? Really? We can barely keep track of our homework and library books let alone all this gear.

“Mom,” he says, “I’m going to video our group skiing out at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort,” he tells me excitedly. “Ben, are you sure you want to bring it? It is just one more thing for you to keep track of.” I warn him as I envision the Go Pro dropped in the snow, battery not working, frustration, frozen fingers, etc. “Yep. The kids are expecting it. We want to show you where they take us for Winter Sports”.

So off he goes to Colter Elementary for a few hours of “regular school”, then they all hop the school bus and head out to Teton Village. Once at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort the kids pile off, loaded with skis, snowboards and gear.

“OK” says the instructor, “Everyone is responsible for his or her own stuff”. Considering Ben’s class alone has 20 kids; That is 40 gloves, 40 boots, 20 hats….well you get the picture. And amazingly, the kids ARE responsible.

Off they go up the gondola to the top of the mountain for the kid’s favorite run – Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Yes, this run is indeed named after Mr. Toad from Kenneth Grahame’s Wind in the Willows. This narrow trail winds through the trees with jumps, sharp turns and no place to bail out. A grownup’s worst nightmare; A kids dream run.

Hours later everyone wants more, but it is time to board the bus back to school.

Later that night as we watch Ben’s video together and he shares his day. I am reminded how grateful I am that we live in this incredible community.  How lucky we are to have access to the great outdoors for learning, a staff of teachers and educators willing to try ideas outside the box, and a local ski resort in Jackson Hole that welcomes all kids to learn at their own level.

Real Estate Market in Jackson Hole | Best Levels in 6 Years

With over 23 feet of snow and counting, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is in high gear as visitors flock from all parts of the globe to experience our winter wonderland.

Not only is the ski season rocketing, the real estate scene is hot with both unit volume and sales volume at their best levels in six years. According to Teton County MLS, the 13-month trend for unit sales continues to increase month over month reinforcing the stability in our market.

Confidence in resort real estate is growing nationally and Jackson Hole is leading the way. Total 2013 real estate sales volume in Jackson Hole was up strong 11% and the number of transactions jumped by 30% 2013 vs. 2012. All property types experienced unit volume increases: condominium unit volume rose 39%, single family home units increased 29% and land units were up 19% over 2012. Vacant lots in the Town of Jackson were especially “in demand” with a unit increase of 122%.

Town of Jackson in Hot Demand

The town of Jackson continues to be a hot spot to watch in 2014. Improvements to town infrastructure, new shops and restaurants, a new town square ice-skating rink, a new comprehensive bike path through town, and talk of a gondola at our in-town ski area, are all fueling the popularity of living in our vibrant mountain town. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is only a 15-minute drive from downtown, so you can still hit the slopes easily.

Strong Sales in Entry Price Category

Jackson Hole real estate priced below $1.5M was highly sought-after in 2013. Buyers scooped up 62% more dollar volume and 46% more units in this price category in 2013 vs. 2012. Real estate also sold at a faster rate in 2013 as absorption rates dropped by nearly 5 months.

The increased sales activity has lowered available inventory attracting new listings to the market – some of them for the first time. With Jackson Hole real estate demand likely growing in 2014, it will be important for prospective buyers to watch areas of interest in the Jackson Hole market closely. For those considering listing, now may be a perfect time for a consult with one of our real estate professionals.

As the top selling brokerage we have singular insight into our local market. Find us downtown at 185 W. Broadway and at all top hotels at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, 7-days a week.

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