Scot Cook

Sales Associate - Wyoming Licensee

Scot S. Cook is a fourth generation member of a Wyoming pioneer family who settled in Wyoming in 1880. Scot Cook is also the great (3) nephew of General John J. Pershing, and great (2) nephew of Senator Francis E. Warren for whom F.E. Warren Air Force Base is named today. His great-grandfather established a mechanical contracting firm in 1883, P.S. Cook Co., which was to become the oldest family business in the state of Wyoming, installing the first in-door plumbing in Wyoming and the first Gas Powered Street Lamps in the City of Cheyenne. After graduating college in Wyoming in 1994, Scot moved to the family contracting business and in 1995, became CEO. With an college degree in Business Administration and having come from a strong construction background, in 1997, Scot branched out on his own and purchased C.H. Yarber Construction, an industrial contracting firm. After growing the business from a small family owned company to a large corporation employing over 150 people, Scot sold his company in 2010 and moved on to his passion of property development and management. As an avid aviation enthusiast and pilot, Scot uses his real estate skills to specialize in Airport property as well as commercial developments. With over 20 years of property acquisition, development, and sales, Scot uses his experience to guide both sellers and buyers in their real estate needs.
Languages: English
Phone:+1 307.630.5212­